That Poor Old Lady

   Years ago, my sisters Maureen and Kate attended St. Joseph Academy for girls on Cleveland’s far west-side. Well, Maureen and Kate started out that cold wintry morning with a search for Kate’s lost eyeglasses. Maureen being the Oldest of our family of nine quickly switched out of her “search mode” and  into a early warning system about the imminent departure of their mutual bus on Clifton. “Get a move on!” she yelled at Kate. She finally grabbed Kate and made a dash for the bus stop, just missing their 1st bus. They stood there and stomped and tried to stay warm for what seemed like forever, finally the next bus appeared.   After they boarded Kate looked around and finally asked Maureen “Where’s that chubby little lady in the blue coat?” Well, Maureen was stumped. She thought, jeeze, I didn’t see anybody else around..I wonder…Kate, she asked, did she have on a red hat? Yeah, that’s her!  Katie exclaimed, So you saw her too?”

No, Maureen said, That was a Mailbox!!

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