Patrick Dawson’s Children, Grandchildren and Great-Grandchildren…

THEY ARE; respected partners in worldwide law firms.

THEY ARE; The Judges the legal community uses to gage integrity and respect.

THEY ARE; The Nurses whose tenacitious hold on your newborn child’s life will see it through those wee hours, when battle with that quiet thief, Death occurs.

THEY ARE; The one’s who will honor and smooth the way for your Father during his last stroke.

THEY ARE ; The Day Care Providers for those hard to place children.

THEY ARE ; The Physical Therapist who’s unyielding determinaton will see you upright with humor and tenacity.

THEY ARE LEGION…and their specialty is unending compassion and willpower.

These are people to be feared. These are people to be respected. These are some of the most giving souls on this earth, but they are not green, nor fools…all being decendents of a man who came here during the Great Famine.

Pat, If you had only known. All your struggles would be worth it.

Maybe you did, after all, your’re the one with a stubborn belief in a better life for your children. It turns out your beliefs and demands on those kid’s along with your acceptance and unconditional love of them has left a legacy of compassion, dedication and consistancy wherever they serve.

THEY ARE; Your lifetimes best work, ever.

                                                                      Job well done.

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