Kate’s sudden stroke, it’s all perspective.

 My sister Kate is very dear to my heart. How lucky I am that she has such a terrific sense of humor  Years ago on a Saturday afternoon I traveled down to Geneva to help celebrate my Cousins Sue & Earl’s twenty-fifth anniversary.  By the time I arrived Kate was at a table surrounded by her boys. Later when we sat to talk she had me cracking up in about two seconds. But then she said, “Sheila, did I tell you about my sudden stroke last week?” No, I said and looked at her, she seemed fine. What the hell could she be talking about? 

“Well Sheila,” she said, It happened on my way to work last Thursday. I was driving down Route 84 when all of the sudden my vision went …and I mean quickly, it was really wacko. I couldn’t quite focus. I was having a hell of a time. I thought perhaps I had had a stroke. You know those things can happen, BOOM, just like that.

Well, I felt my arm… and had no tingling sensation, and there seemed to be no paralysis on either side.” (good thing, after all she was still driving, and worrying about being late for work!) “When I felt my face there was no drooping on either side but suddenly I felt my glasses and one of my lenses had popped out. So I pulled over found the lens and continued with my day, by then of course, feeling pretty thankful, having avoided that stroke!”

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