God love my Sisters and Brother Will…

   They’ve gone and turned me into something brave. It was a little better than nine years ago, when I hit TILT. Just like those old pinball machines, I had finally been pushed too far by this life. I swear my forehead lit up just like one of those old Donald Duck cartoons and it kept blinking “TILT” for about six months. During this time I sold my house, quit my job and left my true love about three times.

   I was out to make major changes. After living a pretty tight and stressful life of a single mom, I was now out of my tolerance phase forever. No more bosses, no more mortgage, no more alarm clocks. Kind of a working girl’s sabbatical, what could have been a major bad decision, turned into the first breath of a free and happy life. A life where I played by my own rules. Sure, I would still try to color in the lines, but in my own time. My twins had graduated and were attending a local community college. They began to require less and less of my support and time. So I began that last wild straw, “The Empty Nest Syndrome”. Well, God love my Sisters and brother Will. After the dust had settled and I had sold my house and moved 70 miles away to where I always wanted to live, I started writing and doing everyday the things I felt like. Create a Library? No problem, start and run a Online Bookstore ? Just try it! The most fun is looking at booksales for the stock! For this they treated me like a hero. Not once did they say “Are you nuts? Why can’t you be responsible? What about your retirement? Where do you get off thinking you have a right to ENJOY this life?! Not once, not ever. They just made me feel like a roaring success to be able to make the choices I wanted and just enjoy both my present and whatever the future hold for me, my beloved , my kids and my family.  I’m so gratful I didn’t wait to retire. I’m so gratful that when I saw a chance to cash out ten years ago my family backed me up, and now I’ve no fear of loss of things.  

   Now, instead I lay awake nights thinking of my parents, siblings cousins and friends and what wondrous people they just are. Go figure, I never saw this coming. Now I’ve started out this series of stories and family fables to keep a hold of and share my delight with this rascally crowd. Well, lets get on with it. This is to them , my parents who love reading and laughter and wisdom, may they find some of their own reflected here in memories of their children.

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