Advice to my Daughter…

Do not fall in love with a “Fixer Upper”. Do not let your gentle heart and strong mind lead you to believe you can change God’s handiwork.

                                    What you see is what you get.

                                    If it irritates you now, it WILL make you homicidal later.

 When you find some people, like the one you choose to spend eternity with or raise children (God’s form of hope) with, are incapable of changing and blind to the need of it.

 So start ahead of the waves that this life will throw at you. 

 First,  may they be kind, really and truly kind. There is no escaping our need to pardon and forgive the people we live with daily for just being human.

  Looks won’t help; money is useless if this person hasn’t enough empathy and compassion to always be KIND.

                                     Marry a man that wants to make you laugh, not cry.

Remember, you can never replace what they didn’t get as a child, you can only bear witness to the Man they’ve become.

                                     So marry well.

                                       Marry with open eyes.

      And the kindness and laughter of your journey with this other soul will be worthy of your entire lifetime.

   Do not be in a hurry. Protect your Great-Grandchildren by marrying the right, kind, funny, loving, hardworking man who understands just how lucky he is to have found you.

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