For you to love me now…

This is one of my two baby pictures. If I seem a little dazed by the size of the crowd, it as only an act. But I was following quite a eclectic crowd…Circus Performers, Nuns, Judges, Nurses, Policemen, Party Chairmen and Plumbers, D.A.R. members, Farmers, Pharmacists, Engineers and Welders. People who worked hard every day just to keep the lights on, Wonder Bread in the kitchen and Creamed Corn on the table. People who’s only goal was to raise  a decent family, and laugh long and love well, and obviously save little or I wouldn’t be writing this beauty.  No, that’s not true. I write because I have to. In the wee small hours while the world is fast asleep I’m visiting my memories and realizing just how lucky I have been.  I spent the first 18 years of my life trying to figure a way to get far, far away from these people only to discover after I’d accomplished that, they were both everything I’d loved and every little thing I’d ever feared and that they still are the only ones besides my children whose  respect and love I need. They have that kind of  effect on me. Amazing, this life really is a circle you end up  right back where you started.

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