Amazing Emmy

My amazing niece Em is a gem. This girl can stop a robber at 30 paces with a cool glance from those amazing eyes. She’s been known to terrify grown-ups since she was a baby.(Me) Anyway she looks like a fairy princess with that spun sugar golden hair all in curls and a peaches & cream complexion. When she’s smiling she lights up a room. There’s nothing finer.

Well this girl grew up surrounded by Aunts, Uncles and a multitude of cousins. As one of the youngest in the group she basically had to deal with the leftovers. In doing so she has acquired a terrific sense of what is really important in this life. The ability to just get the job done. So unlike others her age she is well and firmly grounded. Emmy was at birth; I swear she had the eyes of an OLD SOUL. I can remember coming upon her one time rocking away in her swing and the family dog (at that time) a huge Irish Wolfhound let out such a growl as I approached the swing that I stopped for a moment and paused and looked at that little bitty baby when suddenly she opened her eyes and lo and behold it wasn’t a baby…there was someone akin to Winston Churchill or Queen Victoria sitting in that swing . Very tiny  and rocking away but make no mistake, “They were not pleased”. Needless to say I exited stage right and waited for her mother my sister Therese to enter the room with me. 

What I wanted to do is explain to you how this amazing girl passed a culinary test by showing such common sense and unflappable ability that the instructor was left totally amazed. What happened was this, there was an exam on frosting a cake (I’m sure it was tough, wedding or whatever) but as the students filed into the room and setup to frost their creations it turned out there weren’t enough cake stands. So Em using her God given common sense reached around and pulled out an empty filling bucket turned it upside down and used that as her stand. her Instructor was so impressed with her clear, calm and professional ability to just get the job done she aced the test right there and then.  She is the best, and I love her like crazy.

2 responses to “Amazing Emmy

  1. Love you like crazy, Auntie She! You brighten my day!

    • As you have for me! To many times for me to count you tenacious wonderful girl.
      You are the best and I’m so proud of you. I was doing dessert trays in the wee hours and thinking of “How would Emmy do it?”, I love you you determined hard working young woman, who can make lace and lilies out of sugar…you’re a Magician!!! But I know it don’t come easy!

      Love you
      Auntie She

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