Blinded by the light

I just realized how blinded we are by our poor little eyes. 

   The human limits to understand and see the little part of the light spectrum that is available to human eyes.

Yet to overlook the huge part of the light spectrum we cannot see.

What exists there?

What exists in the sense of hearing that we are missing? Even a dog hears better than we do.

All of our senses are puny.

So dream and believe and realize that you are not even getting half the story and half the facts.

And strive to make our collective senses better by far.


Abortion vs Armaments

Abortion is a Woman’s choice. In it a potential life that may destroy her life and her current children’s lives and pull off that fragile hold they have on economic stability that most Mothers have by living paycheck to paycheck.

She is fighting to keep her sanity and her current children alive and stable.

Guns kills and maim thousands and thousands of innocents every year yet there is no call for Gun Dealers to be shut down and run out of town on a rail. After all the murders of schoolchildren and innocents by these filthy dealers in multiple deaths it should be clear that we need to support a woman’s equality,  And not sexual slavery because she happened to be born with a uterus instead of a penis.


If you want to save a life start out there. You might even find your saving thousands.




mister potato head…

Overheard on a golf course after a failed last putt.

Damn, a ” Mr Potato Head”, all eyes and no legs!


President Trump resigns..

What if President Trump was given, what he thought was a Presidential Order he had ordered but in reality it was a Letter of Resignation from the office of the President.

I for one believe he is illiterate. Given a prepared Presidential Order with enough text,  and big words not only wouldn’t he read it. He couldn’t read it.

Mission accomplished.

Sometimes the simplest ways are the best.

Paying your dues…

A rock polisher tumbling the rock, sounding like a jackhammer, breaking up concrete.

But turning that rock into a jewel.

My Mom used to say, “Sometimes you need a slap to appreciate a kiss” .

Life is like that, slapping people around.

Just like Mom said , I now appreciate a kiss.

Hail Women

Hail Women, full of life.

We are with thee,

we are all here to care for each other.

Blessed are all Women.

And blessed is all life that comes from their wombs, all children.

Holy Women, Mothers of Love, stay with us pray for us always and ever through death and ever after, woman.





While I was chasing my last Cherrio around the bowl….

I was reading the autobiography of Alan Arkin, such a great actor. Anyway at the very end of the introduction he explains talking to Madeline Kahn about how she chose acting as a career as she had many extrodinary talents that would have assured her success in other fields. Her response to him was she didn’t want to be an actor or be a role, or be an Opera singer or a gifted Pianist, she wanted to BE the Music. What Alan Arkin states is that this was revelation to him, all his life, studying acting, voice, theatre all his life he struggled to fill this vast need in himself that Kahn answered with his question to her about how did she choose her career.

We don’t want to DO a profession, we want to BE that passion. Like Kahn said, I don’t want to do the music, I want to BE the music.